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4000 Year Old Bog Oak Handle
with matching Striker & custom Oak display stand

A completely hand-carved 'Unicorn Horn' handle in 4000 year old Bog Oak. This piece of partially fossilised wood comes from an oak tree that died during the end of the Stone Age and has been preserved underwater since around 2000BC.

A matching striker finishes the set and it is presented on a solid oak, custom-made stand.

Cost for set: £115

Oak & Osage Chequered Handle
with a Walnut stripe and spalted Wild Cherry ends, plus a matching striker

A very technical piece to produce, this jaw-dropping set is completely unique and only ever produced to order.  The grain pattern in the spalted Cherry ends is so complex and mesmirising that you can get lost in it.  An utterly beautiful set that should be passed down through generations.

Cost for set: £85

Oak Ammonite Handle
Carved by hand from a solid block of Oak

This incredible handle is first cut to a rough shape from a block of Oak, carefully selected to be free of knots and imperfections.  The design is drawn on and the detail is then carved by hand over 4 - 5 hours.

A premium quality, totally unique piece; this is paired with an Oak striker.

Cost for set: £85

Oak and Osage chequered design with a Cherry stripe

This stunning handle is one of the most striking and complex products I currently make.  The Oak and Osage chequered pattern is eye-catching on its own and the stripe of Cherry adds an additional flair.  It is made in a 3-finger grip with a thumb groove and supplied with the securely attached rod and a paracord lanyard.  A truly unique and bespoke handle.


This handle is paired with an Oak or Osage striker.

Cost for set: £75

Customer Favourites


Oak Page Holder

A perfect, hand-made gift for any lover of reading.


Lilac Coffee Scoop

Hand-carved just for you, with the opportunity to personalise the shape.

Four-Wood Keyring

A stunning combination of Oak, Osage, Walnut and Iroko


'S' Style Ferro Rod

The most popular handle created by Ferrero Rodcher.  Elegant, beautiful and supremely comfortable in the hand


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I have always loved making things from wood.  As a child, I built treehouses.  As an adult, I took on household jobs such as building garden structures and fitting a kitchen.  A busy career and and young family encouraged me to refine my woodworking and combine it with my love of nature so it became a way to find solitude and calm.  In early 2020, I decided to replace a cheap, plastic Ferrocerium Rod handle with one made from a piece of Oak.  The process was beautifully satisfying and offered unlimited scope to develop new designs, and so Ferrero Rodcher was born.


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